Brand History

Blue Girl®Beer was first brewed in Bremen of Germany in the 19thcentury. Since then, the beer had been imported to Qingdao, PRC and laid foundation for the brand to serve drinkers all around the world. In 1906, Blue Girl®Beer was acquired by Jebsen & Co. Ltd. and gradually introduced into Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan with commitment to the time-honoured German brewing traditions and meticulous quality standards.
Nowadays, Blue Girl®Beer as a leading premium beer brand in Hong Kong continues to deliver superior quality, while retaining its age-old German brewing know-how and original taste that meet the needs of beer drinkers.

The trademark (Schutzmarke in German) of Blue Girl®Beer was inspired by one of the best known Greek goddesses in the 19thcentury, known as the Goddess of Victory. This legendary figure represents the spirit of “winning by perfection” and is widely recognized as a symbol of excellence.

The Golden
Liquid of
Blue Girl®Beer has made itself a symbol of premium brewing since the 19thcentury. On the beer label, the Goddess holds a torch with the Latin term “Excelsior”, which signifies the brand’s commitment to deliver the highest quality. Coincidently, in the same decade, the largest diamond in the world also named “Excelsior” was discovered.

Blue Girl’s confidence on quality is further demonstrated by its decision to use a clear bottle so that the golden liquid inside can clearly be seen.Today these time-honored attributes are still valued by Blue Girl, laying the foundation for the brand’s popularity with beer drinkers from many parts of the world.

Discovery of
Contemporary Essence
The strong distribution arm grounded by Jebsen all over the world has gradually shaped Blue Girl®Beer into one of the most popular premium beers in mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and especially in Hong Kong, where it takes a leading market position*.

Under the professional brand management by Jebsen Beverage team, Blue Girl®Beer’s marketing campaigns have been recognized by numerous beer enthusiasts.

The hit ballad song “Waiting for a Girl Like You” (1981) originated from a British-American rock band, Foreigner, has accompanied Blue Girl®Beer since the mid 1990s.

Entering the 21stcentury, Jebsen Beer started to develop the well-established brand by injecting essence of genuineness, adventurousness and comradeship into the brand, and thus continues to receive great feedback from its followers.
Reference: *Nielsen Retail Audit Reports (Mar 2006 – Feb 2013)

Blue Girl®Beer is dedicated to retain its originality while moving forward with the continuously changing culture among drinkers. The dynamic appearance of the Goddess of Victory can be reflected on the bottle label of Blue Girl®Beer that manifests its fashionable nature throughout time.

In line with the modernization of brewing techniques employed by our licensed brewery in Korea, Oriental Brewery Co. Ltd., the imported premium standard of Blue Girl®Beer is assured under stringent quality control and close supervision by Jebsen Beer, qualifying the brand to launch a variety of product units in bottle and can packing.